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Jhene Jhene Site

Full Name: Jhene Aiko Chilombo
Birthday: March 16, 1988
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Race: Black, Japanesse, Native American
Weight:95 lbs
Mother:Tina Chilombo
Favorite Color: Pink
Free Time: shopping, reading, watching tv, singing
Siblings: Miyoko,Jamila(Mila J),Miyagi, and Jahi

Admires: Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey
Funny Fact: Jhene thinks that Haters are bold, which is true!

Jhene has been singing all her life.
Name is pronouned: Ja-nay!
Jhene in related to Lil fizz of B2K. He used to be in a group with her brother Jahi (who is now in a group called "Final Four" on MCA records)
Jhene's sisters Jamila and Miyoko toured with Immature. That is how Jhene met Chris Stokes. Immature and Chris were like her brothers. Chris promised her that he would work with her someday.
When B2K got their deal with Epic Records, Chris suggested a female solo singer and history was made. Now Jhene's album is due in Spring of 2003, and she is the opening act for B2K,and Imx on the Pandemonium Tour (Scream Tour 3).

Siblings (oldest to youngest):
Miyoko (Sister)
Jamila (Sister)
Jahi (Brother)
Miyagi (Brother)
Kareena (Sister)

Cousin: Druex Fredericks (Lil Fizz of B2K)

Color Blue
Gameboy Games
Talking to fans
Pharrel (from the Neptunes/N.E.R.D.)

Interesting Facts:
She loves all kinds of food except Liver
She has known Chris Stokes since she was 5, and one day he heard her sing and her career began. She has been in the buisness for 4 years.
She's not going on tour because they don't know what her first single is.
She met Solange and said she is a very sweet girl.
Thinks the HATERS are very bold
She gave out her AOL sn because she loves talking to her fans
Loves the Fan Sites and Clubs. She said "Sometimes, when I see them I feel like crying. I'm like all this for me?"
That was NOT her in the Slum Village video "Tainted".

What does Jhene mean?
The first name of Jhene leads you to assume considerable responsibility and to prefer to work independently, without direction or interference from others because you have very definite ideas of your own. Your mind is quick to comprehend and you can be depended upon to do any job well. Because you tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist, you might insist on doing too many things yourself instead of delegating jobs to others who might do less satisfactory work. This name does make you quite direct and straight-to-the-point. Your verbal expression does not reflect your inner thoughts and feelings, and you often wonder why people react to what you say. The influence of this name does not promote the friendship that you desire or the relaxation and naturalness you should enjoy with people. It is a name that makes you far too practical and serious-minded, and makes it difficult for you to act with spontaneity. You could suffer physically through head tension, with eye, teeth, or sinus problems, headaches, or mentally through worry.